August 24, 2018

Roll Call: Touyer, summer intern

Every summer Curate hosts a student intern through the Boys and Girls Club of Dane County. Through this partnership, we provide mostly first-generation college-bound students with the opportunity to work in an environment using AI-based technology that will fuel tomorrow's workforce, and provide them with experiences they can take back to the classroom and future careers. This summer, Touyer, a rising Madison-high school senior, joined our team! We sat down with him to hear about his experiences so far.


In your own words, how would you describe your role at Curate this summer?
If I were to describe my role at Curate this summer, it would be helping my co-workers do the small tasks that are required to complete the larger tasks. I would also describe my role at Curate as an open-role, to not just help one side of the team, but to help wherever I am needed.
An example of doing a small task would be quality-checking the website to make sure that the navigations and functions on the website for our customers are working smoothly and, if not, then to fix them asap. Another example would be checking for errors in the URLs of the websites we obtain the minutes and agendas from, and making sure that the system built is running the way it should be when gathering the appropriate minutes and agendas.

How did you find out about this internship?
I found out about this internship through Boys and Girls Club. I’ve been in it for over three years now, about to be four years. Curate happened to be catering to skills I already knew in technology, and so I took it upon myself to take a job involving technology. Finding this internship was only possible because I am a student in AVID/Tops, which is an amazing pre-college program that students should apply for during middle school or high school.

What is your favorite thing to do in your free time?
I’m very interested in video-game designing, and I’ve been recently looking into a free game-design software called Godot. Although I barely know how to code, and especially work things, I’ve spent my time learning Godot, coding from Codecademy and how to start video game designing. I also draw in my free time and play music, in hopes that it’ll help me on my indie game in the future.

Would you rather play one video game forever on any level you could reach or any video game you wanted but only on Level One?
I guess I would choose to play one video game forever on any level. That depends on if I had the freedom to pick the video game of my choice though, because I definitely wouldn’t want to have to play the most boring game there is to play out there for an infinite amount of levels.

What is the most challenging project you undertook this summer?
The most challenging project that I took over this summer as an intern was researching by myself, for the first time, a new market that we’d never looked into. Trying to scavenge through the resources in our data for the potential market was a difficult task, because I had to make sure that what I was looking for was at least somewhat accurate information. Then I had to communicate the information to the management team in a way that they could determine if this new market would be a good choice for the business.

What is the most memorable experience you’ve had?
The most memorable experience I had was at the beginning of my internship for Curate. I ate Indian-takeout with all my co-workers and my bosses — it’s a traditional thing in my workplace to celebrate new employees. Because it was my first day on the job, I felt as though I needed to put up my guard and be observant. Despite the lunch starting off awkwardly for me, it started to become a workout for my abs because of my hilarious co-worker who had brought in pistachio Oreos for everybody to try, and it was overall a memorable experience for me.

How has working at Curate changed your perspective of construction? Of local government?
Working at Curate has made me understand a lot of things about construction and local government. Getting familiar with the terms used in the work environment like: municipalities, minutes and agenda, contractors and more words I couldn’t list these without looking back as they’ve given me a new experience on just how large of an undertaking it is to start a construction project.

How has your experience shaped your future plans?
I’ve met an amazing small group of people here who have helped shape my experience in a positive direction. Given what I know now, and the opportunities I had been given, I feel confident and motivated to work smart in school and in future jobs, and to also be brave when taking chances. I plan on going into the computer science field, although I am still undecided on what exactly I’d major in.

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