June 07, 2018

Announcing CurateLOCAL: Find ongoing issues straight from local discussions

This week, we are excited to announce a new branch of Curate — CurateLOCAL!

The aim of CurateLOCAL is to keep associations in-the-know on hot-button issues discussed each week in every community across their state.

We do this by scanning the source of these discussions in their rawest form: minutes and agendas from local municipality commission, committee, and board meetings.

Contrary to the traditional way an informed citizen or association member would digest information about issues discussed in their community, CurateLOCAL provides a report of only the most relevant "snippets" of discussion posted verbatim in minutes and agendas.

And since we understand different associations track different issues, the report we generate weekly is different for everyone — containing mentions of only an association's specific target issues.

By scanning thousands of minutes and agendas for the local municipalities in all counties across a state each week, we're helping associations find the needle in the haystack.

From ordinance changes or creation in a community to geography-sensitive issues such as broadband access, what we're finding helps associations stay up-to-date on all municipal discussions and decisions that impact their members.

Overall, helping them become the local expert on hot-button issues anywhere in their state from anywhere.

Because who doesn't like being in more than one place at a time?

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