June 14, 2018


Walk into any retail store or clothing department, and you may find yourself wondering: I like that top or Those are really nice pants, they’d look great on me.

Rarely do we find ourselves worrying, Will my co-worker show up tomorrow wearing the same thing?

If we like an article of clothing, we buy it without giving other people’s wardrobe a second thought.

The same thought process goes if you’re a general contractor or engineer.

That is, instead of searching for your next best biz cazh ensemble in a retail store or department, you may search for your next big project in minutes and agendas.

...without worrying if your competitor is chasing that project too.

After all, would knowing that your competitor is checking out the same project as you make you turn around and put that potential win for your company back on the shelf?

Probably not.

While we all know these minutes and agendas are accessible to everything who cares to visit local-municipality websites, we each have so many different “tastes” in the types of upcoming projects discussed that we don’t mind if our competitors are reading these too.

With that in mind, this is how Curate operates — sort of like your own personal stylist.

We do the hard work of, well, curating the best information from minutes and agendas for you based on your interests so that you don’t have to spend time finding the most suitable projects in these hundreds of pages yourself.

Whether it be the names of competitors or architects/engineers/vendors/developers you commonly work with or words indicating upcoming projects your team would be interested in, such as “clinic” or “lift station,” the options are endless.

As long as someone’s discussed it during a local commission, committee, or board meeting, we find it and provide the results for you in a web dashboard.

And just like a personal stylist, we work to ensure they will be tailored to fit only your company.

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