May 24, 2018

The neighborhood down the pike

It goes without saying we all know our own neighborhood pretty well.

We know when so-and-so’s baby is due and what so-and-so’s youngest son is doing for the summer. (Hopefully, cutting your grass.)

But when it comes to the neighborhood down the pike, we’re not always the expert.

The same, we at Curate realize, goes for the construction industry.

Ideally, knowing so-and-so engineer or so-and-so architect in the neighboring city or county goes a long way, but that doesn’t guarantee they’ll keep you top-of-mind on the happenings in their neck of the woods.

This is where Curate comes in: To help you become (and stay) the local expert in your market from wherever you call home.

We do this by flagging all mentions of specific developers, engineers, and/or architects who bring projects to cities, counties, or school boards meetings.

After all, we understand the importance of knowing exactly who is involved on a project at the earliest stage possible — as they go through commissions such as planning and economic development — before it reaches the papers and before it reaches your neighbors.

By leveraging the crazy amount of detail found in these commissions’ minutes and agendas across all counties, this means potential networking opportunities with so-and-so engineer or so-and-so architect won’t fall through the cracks.

...Even if they live in the neighborhood down the pike.

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