February 02, 2018

How to develop your personal network

In part one of the blog series How to leverage your network by using market intelligence the first step will be addressed, how to build and develop a strong personal network. A high quality, strong network is critical in the construction industry. 

  1.  Create an industry group. A small, close knit group of like minded professionals, who can share information together can be incredibly powerful. A group containing an architect, a commercial real estate lender, an insurance agent, a real estate lawyer, different types of engineers, a general contractor, and even subcontractors can freely share information to help each other and their clients. 
  2. Keep in touch. After you've made a good connection with someone, it's easy to not reach out to that person until you need something. However, as part of developing a strong network setting a calendar reminder for six months to reconnect for coffee with key people ensures a strong relationship. 
  3. Be a superconnector. Great networkers don't just take from their network, they also give (and don't keep score!). Making high quality connections for people in your network ensures you stay top of mind and increases your reach and influence. 
  4. Attend the right events. It's easy to get caught up in every last chamber or industry event, but great networkers focus on attending events that make the most sense for themselves and their business. When attending an event, go in with a short list of 2 - 3 people you want to meet and focus on getting an introduction to them. 

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