January 15, 2017

Curate is live in Wisconsin!

This is really exciting: Curate software is currently live in Wisconsin and found 200 new facility projects in our first month. We are thrilled to find leads for businesses right here in our own backyard.

We automatically gather the current minutes and agendas from all 72 county board of supervisors meetings, the 200 most populated cities/towns/villages, and 464 school districts — all in our home state of Wisconsin, in total over 700 unique organizations. Whoa. But the super cool part is that we use artificial intelligence to search for keywords in context that indicate an upcoming business opportunity.

We pull data every week and push it into our software to provide behind-the-scenes sales leads.

Who can use this? Anyone who sells to municipalities/k-12 schools, or benefits from knowing about new construction projects.

In the month of January, we found over 200 upcoming facility projects (new + renovations) in Wisconsin. These are all projects that have not yet gone to bid. We uncovered these projects by looking through over 110,000 unique documents from meetings.

Curate software uncovered projects by looking at zoning changes requested by developers, schools budgeting for renovations, and municipalities discussing facility planning to give a few examples.

We are combining bleeding edge technology with long, detailed government documents to provide a competitive edge to Wisconsin businesses.

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