December 29, 2017

Keywords of 2017 - Year in Review

At Curate, our software is keyword driven. We pull out keywords from municipal documents that indicate future commercial construction, and engineering projects. These keywords are processed using insanely cool technology, including artificial intelligence, to deliver only the relevant construction projects to our customers.

Looking back at 2017 and a full year of keywords it is fascinating to see what words led to commercial construction projects most frequently. At the top of the list are words such as: plan, redevelopment, renewal, construct, improvement, zoning, and survey. Keywords such as these indicate the earliest stages of construction planning and are fairly obvious.

Visualizing the keywords in a graphic a few odd words show up as well — financing, water, tax, sewer, demolition. By being keyword driven, we are able to pull out odd and interesting points that lead to future construction projects. The context (other words in the sentence/paragraph) around the keyword identify it as a positive or negative hit.

Reflecting at the end of the year on our keywords is an easy way to see the impact we’ve made. Stay tuned for 2018!

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