January 24, 2018

Meet Billy: Curate's New Intern

We are excited to welcome Billy Boutelle to our team at Curate as a sales development intern. Billy is a Wisconsin native, born and raised in Black Earth, Wisconsin and attended Wisconsin Heights High School where he played basketball and enjoyed running. As a current UW Madison student Billy is pursuing a certificate in entrepreneurship as part of his education. We sat down with Billy to talk about joining the team and using AI in the business world.

Why are you interested in business development and entrepreneurship?

My interest in sales started last Spring when I was enrolled in an Intro to Entrepreneurship class at UW-Madison. Our semester long project for the class was to sell t-shirts. The incentive was the more you sell the better grade you get. Instead of designing a shirt and then trying to sell it, I decided to instead find a customer who needed many shirts and I would design it for them. After reaching out to 30 different local business I was able to get 5 groups interested in purchasing t-shirts. I sold 1,305 t-shirts over the 14 week semester and my team finished first. Second place team finished with 256 t-shirts sold, so, yes, I definitely earned that A!

What are you most excited about working for Curate?

There are many things that excite me about working for Curate. The one that excites me the most is getting to work with a very talented group of individuals. Everyone brings unique experiences to the Curate team and I want to learn everything I possibly can from them and ultimately help other businesses grow with Curate.

As a millenial, what if your view on artificial intelligence (AI) in the business world?

AI is the future of the business world. As you can see in companies like Google, Facebook, and Microsoft, artificial intelligence can lead to massive business growth and better decision making as a company. So it makes complete sense to use it in the business world and will continue to lead to breakthroughs in our society for years to come.

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